136 HongKong St Fish Head Steamboat @ South Bridge Rd

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As the name suggested, this place must be popular for their Fish Head Steamboat; we could also see it from the posters hanging around the store from the various TV features. Instead of ordering what popular, we decided to check out on their other specialties this time round.

The first dish that arrived was the Mongolian Beancurd. It is made like the usual Yam Ring dish but instead of yam, they used beancurd instead. Taste pretty good!

#01 – Mongolian Beancurd

The second dish was somewhat special, its the Pork-Rib with Salted Eggs. Something that we had never tried before elsewhere. Taste really special as its new but whats lacking is it’s presentable. The pale looking color of it does not justify the unique taste!

#02 – Pork-Rib with Salted Eggs

Another unique dish that we ordered was the Sweet & Sour Century Eggs. We had never seen century eggs could be cooked in the sweet & sour style. The first few bites of it taste good but… maybe not too much of it – share!

#03 – Sweet & Sour Century Eggs

The last dish we ordered was the Wasabi Prawn. It’s getting common to see restaurants offering this – so nothing special. Try it if you never had this before.

#04 – Wasabi Prawns

Is it worth going back again? Sure! It cost us about $60 for 4 dishes, can’t consider it cheap but the food is good. Definitely worth going back again.

What do you think about this place? Tell us what you think below!

136 Hong Kong St Fish Head Steamboat
291 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058836

Opening Hours
Everyday: 11.00am – 2.30pm / 5.00pm – 11.30pm

Tel: (65) 9437 8260 (Alvin Woon)

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